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Downtown Indy Route Map

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Indy Express Route Map

Downtown Indy Express

GO Green Downtown Indy Airport Shuttle

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GO Green Shuttle- Just ten bucks! Priority is given to Online Reservations!

NOTICE: Street Closures Interrupting Service 8.27.16

Be Advised: Saturday, August 27th, the following stops will be closed for the entire day. Stop # 3 (Hampton Inn), Stop # 5 (Downtown Hilton), Stop # 6 (Downtown Sheraton) and Stop # 7 (Washington & Meridian). We recommend using Stop # 2 (Convention Center) in place of the Hampton Inn and using Stop # 8 (Embassy Suites) as an alternative to stop's 5, 6 and 7. This event draws a crowd, so traffic and pedestrian traffic will be increased. Please allow extra time. As always, thank you for your patience and thank you for using GO Express Travel!


Be Advised: Our drivers do not accept cash as payment. This is for the safety of our passengers and staff. Soon we will allow you to pay with credit card on the bus, but our in-vehicle payment system is down. Notice, without a reservation, the bus may be full and you may have to wait. Make a reservation online to guarantee your scheduled time.

The Go Green Airport Shuttle is the express Indianapolis Airport shuttle serving Downtown Indianapolis. Our most popular stops serve Lucas Oil Stadium, The Convention Center, and The Marriott Complex (JW Marriott). The shuttle operates from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm 7 days a week.

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It’s just $10.00 one-way! Priority is given to online reservations. Our drivers do not accept cash as payment and are currently unable to process credit cards on the vehicle. We strongly recommend you book a round trip reservation online so you won’t have to wait for the next bus! At the airport, Cash and Major Credit Cards are accepted but walkups may have to wait for the next shuttle.

Route/Schedule Information

Airport Stop Airport Ground Transportation
Bus Stop Location: Ground Transportation Zone #7
0:30 hr 0:00 hr
Stop 1 Lucas Oil Stadium
Bus Stop Location: Across from Holiday Inn Express on East side of Missouri St. near South St.
Surrounding Locations: Holiday Inn Express, Lucas Oil Stadium, Staybridge Suites, Comfort Suites
0:49 hr 0:19 hr
Stop 2 Convention Center
Bus Stop 2 Location: Shuttle Shelter on Maryland across from Hotels
Surrounding Locations: Westin, Downtown Marriott
0:50 hr 0:20 hr
Stop 3 Hampton Inn
Bus Stop 3 Location: Hampton Inn, South of Maryland Ave. on the West side of Meridian Street
Surrounding Locations: Le Meridien, Homewood Suites
0:52 hr 0:22 hr
Stop 4 Omni
Bus Stop 4 Location: South of Georgia St. on Illinois St.
Surrounding Locations: Crown Plaza, Canterbury, Greyhound, Homewood Suites
0:53 hr 0:23 hr
Stop 5 Downtown Hilton
Bus Stop 5 Location: At the Downtown Hilton in the circle drive out front on Illinois Street
0:54 hr 0:24 hr
Stop 6 Downtown Sheraton
Bus Stop 6 Location: In the loading zone out front
0:56 hr 0:26 hr
Stop 7 Washington & Meridian
Bus Stop 7 Location: Washington St. in front of Red's Barbershop
Surrounding Locations: Hampton Inn, Megabus 2 Blocks Away
0:59 hr 0:29 hr
Stop 8 Embassy Suites
Bus Stop 8 Location: In front of Colt's Grill on Washington at Embassy Suites
Surrounding Locations: Conrad, Hyatt
0:04 hr 0:34 hr
Stop 9 Marriott Complex
Bus Stop 9 Location: West side of West St. near JW Marriott circle drive exit.
Surrounding Locations: JW Marriott, Courtyard Marriott, Spring Hill Suites, Fairfield Inn
0:06 hr 0:36 hr